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Hazelfield farm is a diversified family-run farm sustainably producing over 10 acres of specialty cut-flowers and over twice that much in fresh produce and grains.  A large portion of our farm was purchased in 1998 by Raphe and Teresa. The second portion of the farm was purchased a few years later and is owned and operated by Todd and Esmee.


We offer sustainably grown produce & flowers from early spring into winter.

Esmee and Todd specialize in a gourmet CSA program in the Frankfort and Cincinnati areas.


Teresa specializes in specialty cut flowers and floral design services and is a member of the Kentucky Flower Market and Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers.


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We welcome visitors to our farm.  We are available for individuals or small groups on Mondays-Wednesdays. 

An appointment is necessary.


Thursdays and Fridays are usually really busy days for us as we are getting ready for the markets and events of the weekend.


Saturdays and Sundays are market/event days starting in April and running through the end of October.


Call in advance and leave a message if needed. 502.463.2492


At Hazelfield Farm we practice unconventional and sustainable farming.  We grow all of our products using only organic fertilizers. We use integrated pest management and work collaboratively with Blair Helvey, owner of Entomology Solutions and Idelwild Butterfly Farm.


In our attempt to keep balance and be better stewards of our land, we understand the work will be harder. But in the end, we win because we are working as a part of nature, not against it.


Ask anyone who is a true organic farmer and they will tell you, it is a complete way of life, not just a label.


Raphe specializes in heirloom tomato varieties in the summer, growing over 30 different varieties.  Being a former full-time carpenter, he stays busy fixing things up, planting, weeding, mowing, and tending to his small herd of cattle.


Teresa has two green thumbs and has spent most of her life developing her skills as a gardener, flower lover, and floral designer.  Her talents include the ability to use unusual and unique flowers and other items from nature in her art of floral design.


Their oldest daughter, Esmee, and her husband, Todd, and their little boys, Miller and Wagner grow produce and grains, raise pork and beef, organize and maintain the gourmet CSA program and attend the Hyde Park Farmers' Market on Sundays. 

Todd stays busy most days in the fields, on his tractor, walking the farm or in the barn.  Esmee home-schools Miller and Wagner in the Montessori method and helps in all aspects of farm life from seeding and transplanting, to weeding and harvesting.  Miller is learning all the tricks of the farming trade. Wagner is a farmer at heart.  He loves tractors and farm machinery, just like his Dad.

Sayward, the younger daughter, and her family moved to the farm in 2012.  She was a full-time high school teacher, but now helps full time with marketing, event planning, this website, the online store, and all deliveries.  Her daughter, Lucca, is learning to grow and arrange flowers.  Hopefully she will be helping in the barn and flower booth soon!  Sayward does a lot of jobs around the farm, including going to venues to do wedding set-ups, coordinates all of the events and works on keeping the wedding work organized. She also attends the Hyde Park Farmers' Market on Sundays where stays busy in the flower booth.

As you can imagine, there are a lot of animals roaming around the farm that we all consider part of the family.  Cows and calves, flocks of chickens, a pack of rescued and loved dogs and such cats, a miniature donkey and a few pigs, and many more...

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