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Magic lily bulbs come in a pack of 6 bulbs total. Make a great and unique gift for any gardener in your life!

Ready to plant!  Can take part shade to full sun. These are a wonderful surprise on the first of August, year after year.  In the spring the foliage of this lily is among the first to sprout, but by June it completely dies off and is forgotten.  Then, SURPRISE!, these beauties return a single stem with 4-6 beautiful pink lilies each.  

Great multipliers, these lilies double or more each year and can be separated to enhance your collection or left alone where they will clump and sprout each year... ours have been at it for over 20 years!!

Also known as belladonna lily, Jersey lily, resurrection lily, magic lily, surprise lily, or the March lily, the naked lady lily (Amaryllis belladonna) is an amazing flower.

While naked ladies are considered hardy from USDA zones 7 to 10, a lot of people say they have successfully grown them as far north as Chicago and southern Iowa, as well as in zone 4 in Colorado.

The term naked ladies comes from the behavior of the plant, which sends up greenery in late fall, but then dies back to nothing by the latter part of spring or early summer. Then when the early fall season comes, the plant sprouts a stem without leaves with a big flower at the end of it. The stem without leaves is where the designation “naked lady” comes from.

Depending on the zone you live in, the times of the season could be a little different for the behavior of Magic Lilies, but the cycle will remain no matter when it happens.

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